Dr Pramod P Sawant

BJP | Sanquelim, Goa

Dr Pramod P Sawant is the member of legislative assembly of Goa from Sanquelim constituency. He won the elections for MLA in 2017 as a candidate of Bharatiya Janata Party.

BJP party symbol

Personal details

Dr Pramod P Sawant is 43 years old. His education level is Post Graduate.

Wealth, profession and criminal cases

Total assets of Dr Pramod P Sawant are ₹2.79 crore. His profession is Agriculture, Ayurveda practitioner.
There are no criminal cases against him as declared by himself in affidavit.

Contact details

Given below is the contact information of politician Dr Pramod P Sawant including address, Whatsapp, phone number, email and social media accounts.

Dr Pramod P Sawant contact details
Physical address:Of House No.. 18,kothambi, Pale,goa
Phone number(s): 9422635922, 9765599920
Email address:drpramodsawant73@gmail.com
The information provided here is obtained from the affidavit submitted by the candidate at the time of elections. If you see any incorrect data please contact us.
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